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Hey folks! Here I am again!

I'm still developing Mahou Go on free times. Well, this doesn't give me much to work on the game. but things are moving on. Dialogue system was finished and now it's better than before. You can press the key to advance the dialogue line: there's no need to watch all the text show till the end.

The code was done from scratch. Everything. Every little thing. That means less and better code, and a more fluid game. Not only the dialogue system, but I was refactoring the entire project.

Next step is upgrade the visuals. The anime shader was already updated. Camera got a rework, too. I'll work more on 3D models, textures and details. Also, a better UI, too.

Next year, 2020, will be Mahou Go year. I was thinking about it for months. After working for the past 10 years without a break, now it's time to work for me, to do something for me. Never done a single business card for my career, and I want to change it. So, December will be my last month working on a startup. I was blessed with so many good friends who helped me understand better this gamedev world, and this made me growth as a artist and person, too.

Sorry, guys, for making you all wait so long for updates on this project. I'll do my best to deliver a fun and good game!

See ya!

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Thank you update 2020

I'll do it! Thanks!