Cool stuff coming soon!

Hey guys! It's time for another post.
A short one, but the most important this year: December I'm going to start working full time on the game!

I'm so excited to get back to hard work. There's so many things I've planned to do, and now there'll be a lot of time.
Since October, I was thinking about quitting my job to develop my game. If I didn't do that, I'll not capable of finishing it. The truth is, it will be a hard period for me, because I'll get no money to survive (only my savings). So, the plan is to do my best, quickly, and get 90% of all work done. The major work is just design and visual things, the code is already done. And now I'll do the best upgrade that I can do to make this a incredible beautiful game. And fun, too! Starting with new models, it's time for a design refactor! Hehe.

So, stay tuned for new stuff!

See ya!

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Exited! Can't wait! :D

Keep Up The Good Work!