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Hey! Long time (again) without posting here!
How are you, guys?

Even without posting so much devlogs, things are going well here. I used to post it more on Tumblr, but since they changed some things, all my content was tagged as a mature content, so I'm looking for a new place to write more often. Any suggestion will be appreciated! 

Since I keep working full time on a startup, I have little time to continue working on this game. So, I'm still raising money to go freelancer full time, and I was thinking about a way to get money without  a full time work. Maybe I'll do a Patreon account, a Ko-Fi or just sell some illustration, commissions, Twitch emotes, etc. So, if you guys have any interest, please let me know.

About Mahou Go, I spent some time fixing the most annoying things, like the damage feedback. Now there's new levels to do. I've made some changes on a level, built a poison water system, some jump pods, rain weather, tested new outfits for Lucca (the game will have a store to buy equipments like powered dresses with in game coins) and now I'm working on magics and projectiles VFX. There's a lot to do on graphics, too, and I'll try to build a options menu to adjust graphics settings. Phew, that's a lot of work to do!

Meanwhile, I was focusing on some legal things, too. Here in Brazil, there's a lot of bureaucracy, so it took me some time to organize some papers, but this is good: now I have a little studio! Mahou Go will be the first game of my studio, and my focus is to work with games, illustration and animation. I'll reveal more details later.

Well, that's all for now. Sorry for the long wait without any news.
You guys can keep in touch with me on Twitter: @yoraanny. Since Tumblr was gone, I'll be there more times.

So, see ya!

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Dude! I'm still waiting for you to finish the game!!! I'm exited to play the whole thing! please add more cute things!! :3

Keep Up The Good Work!! 

Hey, thank you!

I'm glad to know that, and believe me, I'll develop a good and fun game!
Right now I'm working on things to make the game better, and I hope to release it ASAP. :)

Thanks again!

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Few issues:
1) Please disable all unnecessary plugins. Like VR ones.
2) Text boxes clipping the text, or it being overlapped by character sprites.
3) When taking damage in air you getting pushed back for too much (sometimes 2 screens).

As an improvement I'd suggest you to make "smart" camera, that will shift in the direction of movement slightly. So player could see a little bit more screen in the front of the character.

Good luck with the development!

Straight on the point:

1. There's no unnecessary plugins.
2. UI/HUDs aren't responsive yet. This will be polished later.
3. Already fixed last year. 

This first demo is already (very) outdated. There was a lot of polishing work that haven't been done (did it only to get performance infos from Windows users, since I was using a Macbook to develop the game), but now changed drastically.

Right now I'm refactoring all the game and polishing the base gameplay. I used to post a monthly devlog on Tumblr, but since they changed their politics, I kept posting more often on my Twitter.


Glad to hear from you again! Sounds like you've been super busy. The different powered dresses and in game store sounds great~ Wishing you the best of luck with the game and life in general!


Hey, thank you!
Yeah, everything here is eating all my time. I'm trying to avoid that, and the only option is to raise some money to go full freelancer for a time. Leaving home to work at 9:00 am and getting back at 10:00 pm is no good, hahaha.

Hope to develop new things soon, want to build a new demo. Thank you for your support, you're amazing! :D